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chef bearl

David Bearl, M.A., CCC, CCE, AAC
Local Food Systems Analyst and Culinary Educator
Program for Resource Efficient Communities
PO Box 728
Hastings, FL 32145-0728
Fax: 904-692-4673

Chef David Bearl has been certified as a culinary educator for over 20 years and was inducted into the American Academy of Chefs in 2010.  During his 35-year professional career, Chef Bearl has earned the American Culinary Federation’s Certified Culinary Educator and Certified Chef de Cuisine credentials.

As a visiting associate in regional food systems education with the Program for Resource Efficient Communities, Chef Bearl is in a leadership role with the Family Nutrition Program for the FNP Farm to School, Farm to Community Team providing recipe development, menu planning, and school food service skills training. He connects schools with local farmers and ranchers to serve fresh and nutritious Florida commodities in school cafeterias as well as educating students on making healthier food choices.

He will continue working on economic development projects with the local farming community and other stakeholders in Northeast Florida's culinary education “Farm to Table” food preparation programs (consumption of locally-grown food or food that travels the shortest distance from the farm to the table)

Chef Bearl provides culinary arts training programs for residents of SMA Behavioral Healthcare “Reality House” and “Warm at Vince Carter Sanctuary”; and culinary arts training for the U.S. Navy. Chef Bearl also conducts value added product development for the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.