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Mark Clark, PhD
Associate Professor
Soil and Water Science Department
106 Newell Hall, PO Box 110510
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611
(352) 392.1803 x 319, (352) 392.3399 fax

Mark has expertise in wetland ecology, water quality and ecologically enhanced design of stormwater systems to improve water quality of urban and agricultural watersheds. His work at the Program for Resource Efficient Communities involves collaboration with developers, built environment consultants, local governments and homeowners to address water quality and quantity concerns within residential communities and their local watersheds.

Mark's experience and research focus includes:
• Wetland nutrient assimilation and storage processes
• Vegetative succession dynamics
• Wetland macrophyte ecophysiology
• Ecological engineering design using wetland processes to improve water quality and enhance ecological function of altered landscapes