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Michael Dukes, PhD, PE
Dept. of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
205 Frazier Rogers Hall
P.O. Box 110570
Gainesville, FL 32611-0570
(352) 392-1864 ext.205 fax: (352) 392-4092g

Dr. Dukes specializes in irrigation and drainage engineering; water quantity and quality issues; crop consumptive use/evapotranspiration; Best Management Practices to reduce nonpoint source pollution.

Michael's research focuses on efficient irrigation with the goal of water conservation and nutrient management to minimize nonpoint source pollution. Relevant project work consists of documenting residential landscape water use and irrigation system efficiency in the Central Florida Ridge, on-site infiltration rates of urban lots as amended by compost, and development of automatic irrigation systems for agronomic and vegetable crops. His interest in green development consists of minimizing irrigation water use and maximizing on-site infiltration to provide alternative sources of irrigation water supply. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida.

Michael's experience and research focus includes:
• Efficient irrigation design and management
• Soil moisture sensor and ET based irrigation control
• Crop water use (including turfgrass and landscape plants)
• Alternative irrigation systems
• Drainage design and planning to provide alternative irrigation water sources