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Edward F. Gilman
Professor, Urban Trees & Landscape Plants
University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Dept.
100 Mehrhof Hall, PO Box 110675
Gainesville FL 32611-0675
Voice: 352.392.1831 x 373 Fax: 352.392.1314

Ph.D. in Plant Pathology (Rutgers Univ.), 1980
M.S. in Plant Pathology (Rutgers Univ.), 1978
B.Sci. in Forestry (Rutgers Univ.), 1975

Ed Gilman has a 50% research: 50% extension teaching assignment and teaches an arboriculture class. He works with arborists, consultants, landscape contractors, tree nursery operators, urban foresters, planners, landscape architects and others engaged in tree selection, growing, planting and management issues. Research includes irrigation, fertilization, roots, and other tree transplant and after-care techniques and a recent focus on tree response to pruning. Our team provides service to the industry and to citizens in Florida by incorporating this and other research-based information into educational programs, demonstration sites, publications, websites, and software for our target audiences.

Details of Some Current Research Interests: Research is directed toward tree and shrub production practices and their impact on the rate of establishment in the landscape. Production practices include pruning strategies, irrigation amount and frequency, fertilizer placement and source and rate, root pruning of field-grown trees, and non-traditional container shapes and practices. Major focuses include root morphology in response to the environment, root growth and water stress after planting, and evaluation and modeling of the factors that influence rate of tree establishment in the landscape. The impact of landscape tree pruning on tree biology and response is a growing part of my research and education since the late 1990s.