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Eban Bean
Dept. of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Project Title: Soil Amendments for Increased Infiltration and Water Quality Improvement
Specialization: Low-Impact Development
Advisor: Dr. Michael Dukes

Eban Bean earned his PhD degree in August 2010. Dr. Bean was a unique member of the research team, where he focused on research areas indirectly related to irrigation such as infiltration, stormwater runoff, and low impact development (LID). After graduation, Dr. Bean Joined the private sector by accepting a position at Geosyntec Consultants based in Kennesaw, GA where he continues to work as a water resources engineer in the area of storm water treatment.


Sylvia Lang

Sylvia earned her Ph.D. in 2010 from UF's Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering under her advisor Dr. Mark Clark Ph.D. in the Department of Soil and Water Science. Sylvia Lang studied the effects of urbanization on stormwater hydrology and water quality for a PhD in Hydrology from the University of Florida Department of Soil and Water Science. She received her MS degree in Watershed Science from Colorado State University in 2000, where she studied the effects of logging on erosion in a wet tropical forest in Costa Rica. Sylvia loves the outdoors and hands-on education programs. In her spare time Sylvia worked at PREC developing educational materials on LID techniques for better stormwater management in master planned urban developments, Resource Efficient Community Development: A Practicum for Local Public Officials and Staff.


Justin Gregory
ME | Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Justin earned his ME degree in August 2004 from UF’s Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering. Under the advisement of Dr. Michael Dukes, Justin's master’s research focused on managing stormwater at the scale of a residential lot. He also has a BS in Agricultural Engineering from the School of Bioresources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology at the University of Natal, December 2001.


Danika Randolph


Dänika completed her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture in May 2005. With the guidance of Landscape Architecture professor Glenn Acomb, and members of PREC, including Pierce Jones, she completed her graduate thesis on "Hydrozone Design in Pasco County, Florida: Resources for Water-Conserving Landscape Ordinance Requirements" to demonstrate how landscape architects can fulfill the landscape design requirements in water-efficient landscape ordinances. Dänika earned a B.A. in Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1996 and an M.A. in Anthropological Linguistics at the University of Georgia, Athens, in 2000.



Kara Youngentob
Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

Kara earned MS degree in August 2004 from UF’s Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Under the advisement of Dr. Mark Hostetler, Kara’s master’s research studied the impact of community design on the attitudes, knowledge, and behavior of residents in three distinct neighborhoods in Gainesville, FL. She also has a BS in Anthropology with a Concentration in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Biology and Psychology from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC.


C. LeAnn White
MS | Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

LeAnn earned her MS degree in August 2003 from UF’s Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Under the advisement of Dr. Martin Main, LeAnn’s MS work involved evaluating habitat value of created wetlands to waterbirds in golf course landscapes. LeAnn also has a BS in biology from the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. LeAnn is currently working as a biological scientist in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Florida where she intends to pursue a Ph.D. working on infectious diseases in wildlife.